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Project Description
VanGuide for Windows Phone 7 is an extension for VanGuide app based on the Open Data Application Framework (ODAF) It mashes up landmark data feeds with user comments, ratings, tagging via Web client, iPhone & Windows Phone 7

VanGuide for Windows Phone 7 leverages the same server backend used by both the VanGuide web app and the iPhone app to retrieve Open Data landmarks, such as schools, libraries, firehalls, etc. from the Vancouver Open Data Catalogue. You can then interact with the data by rating, tagging, or commenting on existing Open Data landmarks, or create your own landmarks and see what other people have added. A existing account is required for sign in to rate, tag, or comment on a landmark, add a landmark or tweet about a landmark.

VanGuide for Windows Phone 7 uses Silverlight for the UI and Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone was used to develop the application. Bing Maps Silverlight control is used to display the Open Data landmarks and allow the user to pan an zoom in on the landmarks.

The following are some screenshots of VanGuide for Windows Phone 7


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